The full Global Business School Network consists of members, participants, and partners. The world’s leading business schools have always formed the core of the GBSN and the majority of membership.

However, the network includes many different kinds of organizations, including business partners that share a common vision, for the developing world to have the talent it needs to generate prosperity. Through GBSN, business schools are connected with each other, and also with business, governments, and NGOs working together to improve access to quality, locally relevant management and entrepreneurship education.

The Benefits of Membership

Members are invited by GBSN to participate in the mission. They are impact leaders in business education and bring power to the network. They lead and govern the network and contribute time, energy, and money to building and running projects and programs. They are pioneers and they are connectors, bringing other organizations and people to the network. To achieve the mission, we are committed to diversity in the types of organizations in our members. While every member is a leader, each brings something distinctive to our efforts to improve access to quality management education. Internationally, established business schools in North America and Europe work alongside newer ones in Asia, Africa, and South America. Schools in the Global South share innovations with their peers industrialized north. Traditional powerhouses collaborate with leaders in competency-based education and agile digital startups.

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